Master of Science in Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing

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Our goal is to help students prepare for a career in management positions by shaping creative thinkers, strong communicators and the best negotiators.


The Master of Science in Nursing at Atlantis University is an intensive graduate degree program designed to offer students an opportunity to become prepared as advanced practitioners in selected health care specialties so that they may assume roles as leaders, healthcare managers, clinicians, and ultimately improve health care for all people.
The program is designed to prepare students for positions of leadership, and to provide students with a broad comprehensive view of advanced studies in Nursing.

For students who do not wish to pursue a concentration, they may complete the 36 credits of the program by taking the 27 credits of the core courses and the additional 9 credits from any of the concentration courses.

Program Objective

Graduates who pursue a career in Nursing will be prepared to plan, organize, lead, control, and evaluate quality improvement initiatives in healthcare organizations. They are also prepared to integrate knowledge, management, leadership, and consultation into their roles and function in collaboration with other members of the health care team. The program is designed for working Nurses and seasoned Healthcare professionals who want to expand their careers and strengthen their credentials as leaders, healthcare managers, and administrators.