On Campus Employment

On-campus employment for F-1 international students is limited to 20 hours a week (part-time). F-1 undergraduate and graduate students may begin on-campus employment upon completion of their first semester (4 months) at Atlantis University.

Work-Study Positions

International students are not eligible for work-study positions on campus, as these positions are funded only for U.S. citizens and permanent residents by the U.S. government. Work-study positions are advertised as “College Work-Study Preferred” or CWSP.

Part-Time Enrollment and
On-Campus Employment

Any international student working on campus must be enrolled in at least the minimum number of units below in order to be on USC payroll under U.S. Labor Laws. Please note that this is a separate issue from requesting a Reduced Course Load (RCL) and on-campus employment does not authorize students to go below full-time without RCL permission from OIS:

  • 6 units for undergraduates
  • 4 units for master’s degree students
  • 3 units for doctoral level students

The only exceptions are:

  • Students in their final semester. Students in their final semester will be permitted to work on campus if they are enrolled for less than the units mentioned above. All students in their final semesters will be required to submit a Reduced Course Load form.
  • Graduate students who register for thesis, dissertation or qualifying exams (GRSC 800) are considered to be enrolled full time although the number of units enrolled will be below the normal full-time course load. An RCL form is not required for students at these final stages in their academic program and they are permitted to work on campus.