Why Atlantis University?

Why Atlantis University?

Have you ever felt that the traditional college experience just isn’t for you? You’re more of a creative type, an individual… a non-conformist.

 Atlantis University was made for people just like you. The movers and the shakers of the world, the people who are excited to live life and take advantage of all that the world has to offer, the people who are fueled by passion! It’s time for you to take your life and career into your own hands and do things on your terms.

Advance Your Life and Career

Atlantis University offers some of the most valuable and highly sought-after degree and certificate programs. We are a forward-thinking university that puts technology at the heart of everything we do. No matter which school you attend -Business, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, or Healthcare – you will learn how to use technology to advance your career and, ultimately, your life.

We believe that time is one of the most valuable resources we have. After all, it’s the only one that we can’t get back. That’s why we help so many of our students fast-track their education. On average, Atlantis university students finish their degrees in half the time as students at other universities. All our degree and certificate programs are flexible, customizable, and created with YOU in mind.

Mental Health Matters

Just like any good community, we take care of each other here at Atlantis University. We know that class, tight schedules, tests, and planning for your future can be extremely stressful, and we want to make sure our students feel supported in all aspects of their education. Our team of comprehensive mental health professionals are here for you whenever you need them.

Blended Learning Experiences

It’s impossible to learn everything you need to know by sitting in a classroom. We offer hands-on, immersive, collaborative learning experiences that are led by industry experts. The educators at Atlantis University do so much more than teach their students; they inspire.

A Strong Community

Our beautiful Miami campus has a diverse student body with students that come from all over the world. We strive to make sure everyone feels welcome while they are here and even after they graduate. Graduates of Atlantis University are welcome to lifelong access to career coaching and services as well as our library and information services. We also offer lifelong auditing services so you can come back and sit in on a class at any time, if you want to refresh your skills.

We can’t wait to see YOU in the fall!

The Importance of Networking as a Professional

The Importance of Networking as a Professional

Have you ever heard the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? The connections that you make in university can help you throughout the rest of your career – and even your personal life. The professional world is all about having a strong network of people that you can turn to for advice, opportunity, mentorship, and testimony.

We want you to have all the tools you need to succeed, even before your first day of classes.

Why is Networking so Important?

  • Student & Alumni Connections – Students that graduate from Atlantis University go on to do great things. You may find your future business partner while you are here or meet an alum that is looking to hire someone at their start-up.
  • Diverse Connections – Thousands of students from all over the world come to attend Atlantis University every year. This gives you the opportunity to meet people that can teach you about different cultures and grow an international network.
  • Real-World Experiences – Meeting people who have been in the working world for many years (or decades) will teach you things that you can’t learn in the classroom. You will be able to see the nuances and inner workings of the professional world first-hand.
  • Lifelong Relationships – Networking isn’t just about finding someone that can do you a favor. It’s about creating long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. The connections that you make while in university will lay the foundation for your career.

Atlantis University will provide you with everything you need to develop strong connections with other students, alumni, professors, and business leaders. In addition to networking events, Atlantis University offers applied research programs, workshops, and group projects that are designed to give you the chance to work with industry leaders.

It’s never too early to start planning for your future. Start building your professional network this fall at Atlantis University.

Atlantis University hosts networking events often so you can start to build your professional network as soon as possible. Follow us on social media to be the first to know about our next event.

Hybrid Professionals and How To Survive In The Field

Hybrid Professionals and How To Survive In The Field

The reality of the workforce today is that it demands hybrid professionals, defined by experts as those who have specialized training and transversal knowledge, often acquired through short courses on specific topics.

Hybrid professionals are characterized by their versatility and a continuous desire to learn as their situation demands it. They see changes as opportunities for progress, not as obstacles.

The job market is a living organism. Along with the dizzying changes in technology, companies have found it necessary to transform and accept new digital trends so as not to be left behind in an increasingly competitive world.

This means that gone are the days of professionals being scheduled to do a single specific task in the same exact way every day. There is so much demand now that in order for a company to thrive, all of its employees need to be current with the times and willing to adapt.

Cambridge Institute highlights the skills and attitudes that will make competitive professionals stand out, these are the qualities that prove they are capable of providing added value, not only to the organization, but to their own profile:

  • Flexible and adaptable: Companies need flexible, versatile professionals who carry out their work in constantly changing situations and who have the ability to learn.
  • Organized people: The pandemic posed an unthinkable scenario for all economic sectors. Teleworking became the modality that avoided a total interruption of work activities. Therefore, it forced professionals to have a better organization and optimization of time, so that productivity was not impaired.
  • Technological and digital competence: Currently, knowledge in artificial intelligence, big data and cybersecurity will be a differentiating factor in any organization.
  • Creative and innovative people: No matter how technical or robotic some tasks have become, creativity and innovation will continue to be exclusively human values. It is in the hands of each professional to turn these qualities into their best allies.
  • Discipline and responsibility: In addition to flexibility, leadership and adaptability, new professionals must be characterized by being disciplined and responsible, always seeking new knowledge through constant academic training.
  • Knowledge of languages: The use of other languages ​​will always be a powerful tool for differentiation and versatility, because in an increasingly connected world, mastering a foreign language will allow the most experienced professionals to make borders invisible.

Hybrid professionals will create their own opportunities in a job market that is undergoing permanent transformation. Short courses increasingly contribute to the strengthening of digital skills and the deepening of humanistic knowledge.

5 Tips for Successful Study Sessions

5 Tips for Successful Study Sessions

Studying doesn’t have to be a stressful aspect of your education that leaves you feeling exhausted. With the right studying skills, you can get more out of each session and likely spend less time reading and re-reading your notes.

These 5 tips will help you get the most out of your classes and set you up to excel in your career.

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute

Last-minute studying will cause you to rush through your material and not give you enough time to process the information you’re consuming. Instead of “cramming” the day before an exam, look over your notes once a day and give yourself time to think about the material. Each time you revisit your notes, you may notice something new or consider an angle you hadn’t thought of before.

  1. Have a study buddy

It can be helpful to gain another classmate’s perspective and have conversations about the material rather than reading and re-reading your notes to yourself. A study buddy can also help you prepare for exams by creating questions for you to answer, and vice versa.

  1. Use images

Visual representations help create mental images that stick in our memories. If you are having trouble with a particular concept, try creating a diagram or model that represents all the information. This will be particularly helpful for students who are visual or hands-on learners.

  1. Stick to a routine

Try to get into the habit of studying a little bit of material every day. Once studying becomes a part of your routine it will become less stressful for you and help make sure you aren’t “cramming” the night before a big test.

  1. Take a break

If you find that you’re having trouble with a particular concept or topic, move on to another one or take a break. Come back to the material with fresh eyes so you can see things that you might have been missing the first time.

If you need help with understanding your lessons, you are always welcome to set up a time to speak one-on-one with your professor. It’s important that you feel supported in and out of class and have everything you need to be successful while here at Atlantis University.

We go the extra mile for the mental wellness of our students

Education and mental health have been linked to academic performance, quality of social relationships, and physical health.


We go the extra mile for the mental wellness of our students

Education and mental health are some of the latest trends, and we could not agree more. Poor mental health has been linked to academic performance and success and impacts social relationships and physical health.

Atlantis University is aware of the importance of Mental Wellness and we have developed specific tools and support teams to help our students, not just for their academic success but also for their overall well-being.

As stated by Natali Alvarez, AU Faculty Director “Academic support is the extended arm of our university, they play an important role in supporting student success and within this responsibility is the ability to assess and direct students from academic tutoring to counseling. The role of this multidisciplinary group of professionals is truly to support our students in various areas for their overall wellness and success.”

We train Comprehensive Professionals

The overall well-being of our students is our focus. We want to ensure our students feel supported in every way. Success is more likely achievable when students find themselves in a safe and supported environment.

The benefits of mental health for students

Mental health is a growing issue in the U.S., increasing more than 9.7% during the year of the pandemic according to Mental health America (https://mhanational.org/issues/state-mental-health-america). “As an institution, we have brainstormed on best practices to ensure that we put our students at the heart of everything we do. For this, we have tasked our student support group to be the force that guides our students to attain appropriate assistance.”, Alvarez said.

Regarding some of the best practices, Alvarez exposed that “Some good practices for student wellness is to have an integrated counseling/support team readily available to offer support and guidance.”


Automation and the future of Education

New ways of doing things have replaced old practices, people are adapting to these new ways and therefore, evolving.


Automation and the future of Education

The new normal has been everything but easy. New ways of doing things have replaced the old practices, and people could do nothing but be responsible for their adaptation, and therefore, evolution.

Although automation existed before the pandemic, Covid forced those resisting the change to surrender. Automation has many pros and only a few cons (the less developed the country, the more cons). Among the benefits that automated processes offer for students is the possibility of adapting academic offerings and processes to meet student needs and provide customized instruction that allows students with different skills to work together in the same classroom.

Specially designed for you

As technology advances, we are moving into a self-service model where individuals have more control to attain the information they need, when they need it, no matter where they are. “At Atlantis University, we are working on perfecting our student portal. This will allow students to have real-time access to their academic records, financial information, class schedules, and much more. The project started in late 2020, and the first Beta version was launched in the Winter term of 2021. This is a work in progress, and we keep making updates to improve its functionality.” Nataly Alvarez, Faculty Director.

Our Students in the Centre of Everything

It is no surprise that IT is the primary driver of the project along with our operations team. Both teams align on additional features and the overall accessibility of the platform. “As always, putting our students at the heart of everything we do, is our main goal. We expect them to have more control of the information they need to access.”

The most significant benefit for AU students accessing information via a self-service portal is time. You do not need to wait for someone to give you the information as you can access it yourself; you are in control of getting what you need.

The automation project is ongoing as we continue making updates to the current portal. We are always looking to make improvements to enhance our student experience.

Nuestros programas están avalados por los representantes más importantes de la industria

Herramientas tecnológicas, estrategia digital, cursos cortos, desarrollo de competencias, problemas que aprenden a resolver los estudiantes y estilos de liderazgo conducen a los equipos al logro de objetivos de manera individual y colectiva.


Nuestros programas están avalados por los representantes más importantes de la industria

Si tuviéramos que definir Atlantis University, la famosa milla extra estaría punteando esa descripción, y cuando hablamos de nuestros programas académicos no solo cumplimos con los estándares sino que los superamos.

En estos días se llevó a cabo uno de los entre 6 y 8 Program Advisory Committee, PAC, (en español Comité Asesor de Programa) que realizamos al año, por escuela, en Atlantis University, pero, ¿qué es exactamente un PAC?

Existen 9 tipos de estándares con los que una universidad debe cumplir para recibir su acreditación, en los Estados Unidos, uno de ellos es el área académica. “La universidad debe demostrar que sus programas son evaluados por pares académicos,y para evidenciarlo, debemos realizar por lo menos 2 reuniones al año en la que participen al menos 3 miembros de la comunidad empleadora, egresados que estén colocados en cargos estratégicos y líderes de la industria que representan a las marcas más reconocidas según la escuela que se evalúe. Eso es lo que se conoce como un Program Advisory Committee (PAC)”, explicó la Directora Ejecutiva de Atlantis University.

Los PAC y su impacto en la colocación laboral

Los PAC se efectúan por escuelas o grupos de programas. “Tenemos un PAC para Salud, uno para Negocios, uno para IT y uno para Educación”. Durante las sesiones del PAC se evalúan aspectos como Currículum y contenido, Equipamiento y facilidades, Tendencias en la industria, Colocación y empleo y Educación a distancia.

Las sugerencias de los miembros de los PAC resultan en modificaciones a los pensum, duración de los programas y reuniones académicas en las que se toman decisiones orientadas a fortalecer el proceso de formación integral del estudiante. Todo esto tiene como propósito garantizar que los estudiantes, al terminar sus estudios, cuenten con todas las herramientas que les permitan acceder a las ofertas laborales de su elección, porque cumplen con los estándares del mercado.

En busca siempre de la excelencia académica

Es por eso que nuestros programas académicos varían. Es posible que un estudiante ingrese al MBA, por ejemplo, y a lo largo de su jornada académica la clase XYZ sea reemplazada por ABC, porque nuestros programas académicos van evolucionando al mismo ritmo del mercado laboral.

“Por ejemplo, después del Coronavirus, han cambiado las necesidades en casi todas las áreas. Ahora se necesitan personas con habilidades técnicas mucho mayores, y con habilidades blandas. Viendo las necesidades cambiantes, y revisando frecuentemente nuestros currículos, podemos garantizar que el programa que estamos ofreciendo está al día en cuanto a herramientas tecnológicas, desarrollo de competencias, problemas que aprenden a resolver los estudiantes y estilos de liderazgo que conducen a los equipos al logro de objetivos de manera individual y colectiva”.

Hybrid education: The new upgraded way of learning

The primary benefit of hybrid learning is flexibility, the ability to join remotely on some days and come in for the in-person experience on other days. It also fosters relationship-building with classmates from all over the world and genuinely collaborate globally. The learning opportunities and impact toward learning are limitless.

Hybrid education: The new upgraded way of learning

 After the pandemic hit, we realized that we needed to quickly change how we were operating to continue servicing our students. We have been in the Online Class modality for more than a decade now, but this was different; students taking On-Campus classes were transitioned into an online learning environment. The challenge was clear.

After some COVID restrictions were lifted, we realized that students enjoyed the online modality, and of course, feeling safe. Thus, we decided to continue offering both online and on-campus students the hybrid experience.

Step by step

Our portals and platforms were already set up to offer online instruction; the innovative aspect came from interacting with on-campus students and those online in real-time. We noticed that both instructors and students experienced a connected and collaborative environment. International students who flew back home still had the opportunity to connect and interact with instructors and classmates in the U.S. They manifested to be “amazed” by this new possibility.

The success was so overwhelming that we have now adopted this model in about 25% of our current programs; we feel it has contributed to collaboration and student engagement. In addition, because of the outstanding results, we have seen several other institutions that have adopted this model; we see this now even in Ivy League schools transitioning from a traditional to a more technological-driven model.

Talking about advantages

The hybrid learning model allows students to have more flexibility. It allows students to connect remotely on some days and attend physically on others. It also enhances the student experience as we can have students from different States or even different Counties attend our local class in real-time. “I had this experience during the pandemic lock-down where I had students connecting to my class from Russia, Romania, and South Africa, and all were able to connect and interact with the class in real-time.”, explained Natali Alvarez, Faculty Director.

“We have been running online classes since the university’s inception. This allowed us to experience firsthand some of the challenges and benefits of online learning. With this knowledge, we felt we had a major advantage as we were able to quickly transition into hybrid learning knowing that students would benefit from the flexibility of this learning modality.”

The best practices

Some hybrid learning best practices include relationship building, mainly when students work on group assignments. Knowing they have a team to rely upon is of great value to students. We promote active learning, engagement, and collaboration in the classroom by using technology via our zoom video conferences. We have adopted various polling strategies to engage students in class discussions and Kahoot games to make the class more interactive.

At AU, we are in a continuous search of improvement due to the commitment of excellence we have to our students. We are always looking for ways to enhance our student experience and constantly poll/survey students to understand our impact and areas of opportunity for improvement.

“Encontré una excelente oportunidad laboral gracias a mi MBA con AU”

Gabriela explicó que pertenecer a la Escuela de Negocios de Atlantis University le abrió puertas que jamás había imaginado.


“Encontré una excelente oportunidad laboral gracias a mi MBA con AU”

“Muchas veces cometemos el error de pensar que después de tantos años de experiencia laboral ya no hay mucho más que aprender, pues estaba muy equivocada. Estudiar mi MBA con Atlantis University me abrió puertas que jamás imaginé. Hay una cantidad de cosas que hacemos empírica o intuitivamente, cuando entendemos el razonamiento teórico aumenta exponencialmente nuestro conocimiento y alcanzamos otro nivel profesional”.

Gabriela Amundaraín es una súper ejecutiva venezolana. Es Contadora Pública con más de 25 años de experiencia en Contabilidad, Auditoría, Impuestos y Finanzas. Gabriela ha trabajado en diversos tipos de industria desde firmas de auditoría financiera, telecomunicaciones, automatización industrial hasta construcción en toda América Latina. “Siento que haber trabajado con equipos culturalmente muy diversos ha sido una experiencia tremendamente enriquecedora”.

Esta exitosa profesional reconoce que por muchos años retrasó continuar con sus estudios porque nunca encontró el momento adecuado. “Finalmente decidí hacer mi MBA y seleccioné Atlantis University en Miami para hacerlo. Estoy muy satisfecha con esta decisión, Atlantis University me brindó la oportunidad de conocer a una gran cantidad de personas con mucha experiencia y profesionalismo de las cuales aprendí mucho. El equipo académico y administrativo es excelente y siempre están enfocados a ayudar al estudiante”.

Un futuro brillante

Después de terminar su MBA, Gabriela encontró una excelente oportunidad laboral en los Estados Unidos como Contralor en una empresa de construcción que trabaja principalmente con el Gobierno Federal. “Este MBA me abrió las puertas para conseguir un excelente trabajo a través del programa Optional Practical Training (OPT). En mi actual posición, he podido aplicar muchos de los conocimientos obtenidos en mi MBA brindando oportunidades de mejora continua y creando valor para la empresa a la que pertenezco”.

Una nueva gestión empresarial requiere nuevos currículos de las Escuelas de negocios

Las Escuelas de negocios están llamadas a reestructurar sus currículos académicos con el fin de responder a las nuevas demandas de la gestión empresarial.


Una nueva gestión empresarial requiere nuevos currículos de las Escuelas de negocios

El concepto de la “nueva normalidad” se instaló definitivamente en el imaginario colectivo, y ahora es el referente principal para la toma de decisiones que forjará el futuro en diferentes ámbitos; entre ellos, la gestión empresarial y los currículos de las Escuelas de negocios.

Cuando las empresas aún buscaban la forma de lidiar con un entorno económico hostil durante los últimos años, la crisis sanitaria ocasionada por el covid-19 agudizó una situación que, hasta el momento, se creía pasajera.

Por lo tanto, directivos, emprendedores y organizaciones en general se enfrentan a un reto sin precedentes. Óbices difíciles que, además de poner al descubierto falencias de gestión inveteradas, obligan a repensar prioridades, procesos y actitudes dentro de las empresas.

La incertidumbre es lo único constante en la nueva normalidad

Comportamientos, hábitos de consumo, nuevos canales de comercialización, y una renovada oferta de productos y servicios son algunos de los cambios que ha provocado la situación actual. Más allá de visualizarlo como un escenario catastrófico y desalentador, debe convertirse en una oportunidad de crecimiento.

Las empresas que lo entiendan de esa manera serán las que lograrán destacarse en su sector económico a través de un servicio al cliente eficiente, una identidad corporativa fortalecida y un adecuado manejo de las comunicaciones.

Un constante estudio de las acciones de la competencia y una apuesta por la innovación (en marketing, gestión de datos, procesos productivos) les permitirá a las organizaciones resolver necesidades y evolucionar de cara al futuro.

Transición obligada hacia lo digital   

El teletrabajo no es un concepto reciente. Sin embargo, en tiempos de pandemia, se convirtió en la salvación de muchas empresas que no podían detener sus actividades.

Con la implementación del teletrabajo, las organizaciones pudieron fomentar la flexibilidad laboral y, asimismo, dejar atrás concepciones atávicas que aún relaciona la productividad de un empleado con la cantidad de horas de permanencia en una oficina.

Por el contrario, con los recursos, herramientas y formación adecuados, el trabajo remoto puede traer grandes beneficios a las organizaciones y, por ende, una mejor calidad de vida a todo su talento humano.

Estos elementos deben llevarse a la práctica bajo condiciones idóneas para que realmente sean vistos como una ventaja y puedan funcionar favorablemente en la nueva normalidad, por medio de una comunicación eficiente y una infraestructura interna que esté a la altura de las exigencias técnicas.

Gestión del liderazgo

Con el trabajo remoto, el cumplimiento de tareas y el bienestar de los empleados requieren de un liderazgo eficaz. La confianza y el respeto también son valores claves dentro de la gestión empresarial.

Los gerentes con un alto grado de empatía verán resultados y un apoyo fuerte de su equipo de trabajo sin tener que recurrir a actos de vigilancia y control excesivos.

Sin lugar a dudas, la paciencia, la circunspección y la inteligencia son las grandes enseñanzas que ha dejado la crisis sanitaria. Si dichas cualidades se trasladan a la gestión empresarial, y los pensum académicos de las Escuelas de negocios, las organizaciones desarrollarán competencias que no habrían descubierto de otra manera.