Bachelor of Nursing (RN to BSN)

Bachelor of Nursing (RN to BSN)

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Our goal is to help students prepare for a career in management positions by shaping creative thinkers, strong communicators and the best negotiators.


This degree is designed for registered nurses with are active license who possesses the skills to understand the issues affecting patient care, who are passionate about making a positive difference in patient lives.

Nurses who are inspired by nursing care who will provide the pathway for restoring homeostasis, meet psychosocial needs and believe that all patients and family members deserve to be treated with respect, compassion and dignity.

It provides the pathway for nurses who assume leadership roles, manage complex clinical care, fosters life-long personal and professional development as thy continuously advance field of nursing patient care.

The BS in Nursing is a program for current, active registered nurses with an associate’s degree in nursing.

This program emphasizes the skills needed to be successful in healthcare settings. The curriculum emphasizes issues that affect patients and how healthcare is delivered. The program includes both classroom and clinical components.

Program Objective

Graduates who choose to pursue a career in nursing and healthcare management or academia will become successful managers, supervisors, or educators who demonstrate strong leadership, technical, and team skills; and a commitment to continuing professional development.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree program prepares graduates for a rewarding career in nursing and nursing management. Atlantis University BSN graduates will have a thorough grounding in the principles and practices of nursing and management as well as the scientific and leadership principles upon which they are built; they will also be prepared for further education and for productive employment in the industry.