Career and Placement Services

Career and Placement Services

In addition to providing the courses, training, and degrees that you will need to enter the workforce, Atlantis University Miami goes the extra mile with career services that take an active role in helping its students actually land a job.


The AU Career Center helps you every step along your path to career success. Whether you’re looking to solidify your interests or skills, to get ready for a job or internship interview, or to make connections that will launch your career, AU Career and Placement Services is here to help.

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CSD 300
Career Services Development Seminar for walking prospective graduates through the US job market, ONET, TOL, Self-Branding, Dress code, Job search strategies, interviewing and negotiating best practices, etc.
More Information
The provision of one-on-one career counselling comprising of interest profiler assessment, resume development, interviewing skills, Job search strategies, interviewing and negotiating best practices, etc. More Information

Resume development, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter imaging, E-board accounts creation ( Zip recruiter, Indeed, Monster, Career Builder, Dice, Beyond, Start wire, Glassdoor, etc.) ; Networking, Recruitment and job fair events, etc. More Information

A review of answers to core interviewing questions, related to occupations or industries of AU’s Academic programs ( i.e., Business, Technology, Healthcare); How to negotiate for “full” compensation packages (i.e. Salary, Health, Perks, Bonus, Retirement, Stock Options, Vacation, Benefits) More Information

Up to 30-minute video recording assessing and preparing students for the real world of a job interview. These interviews are job title/occupation specific. Students verbal responses and body language are examined are observed and subsequently addressed for corrections. More Information
In addition to receiving job search assistance, graduates receive a walk-through in completing the Graduation Satisfaction Survey, Exit and Job Placement forms More Information
IN-HOUSE EVENTS OR Business & Community Outreach
The provision of specialized ( IT(IT, Business, Healthcare) Recruitment events, Job Fairs, Career Exposé, Professional Industry- based presentations, Networking events, etc. More Information
Meetings with GSHRM, Chamber of Commerce, IT and Business Industry employers, County Community Resource Events More Information